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A programma with edible flowers is very suitable for a conference about horticulture, nature, food or health. Surprise the participants with edible flowers and the ‘Flowertrip’. Connect with the edible nature and the seasons by a floral touch of your event!

My mission is to show how pretty and how close by the edible nature is. So that people will look better after it. Because we need the nature; the nature doesn’t need us! That is my message.

Guided tour in Anna’s edible garden

Have a look in the edible garden of Anna Koster, enjoy many kind of edible flowers, get to know why Anna is so enthousiast ic about them and learn how to make a very pretty edible flower snack!

Flowers can make you happy because they bring nature in your life. Edible flowers colour your food and your day. This is an extra dimension of flowers. As edible-flower-expert  with more than 25 years experience, I like to share my knowledge about the use, applications, storytelling and marketing with edible flowers by webinars (private or for groups).